We work in harmony with designers, contractors and individuals for the development of projects in terms of architectural designs in glass and metal for the embellishment of public areas, buildings and offices. Embellish and decorate your home  or office uniquely. Encourage your  institution with crystal decorations  in the lobby's,  hallways, waiting rooms,  reception rooms and meeting rooms.

"The Contemporary glass is a type of fine art sculpture where the medium of expression used by the artist is glass. Made for sculptural enjoyment and visual pleasure."

common uses:  Hotels, Hospital, Corporations, Private Collections.....


"Glass as a means of expression is used to create a series of designs that, when incorporated into a wall, create a mural or mosaic. Made for sculptural enjoyment and visual pleasure"

Attached is one of our projects where the client assigns a budget and some basic characteristics that help the artist to develop the concept. such as color and size.

common uses:  Hotels, Hospital, Corporations, Private Collections.....

Art Glass Awards

This is one of our virtues. With more than 28 years in the awards market and tired of working the same think, we created our own line of awards made with glass art. You can request colors at your discretion, sizes etc... features that the traditional market does not allow.

The limit is the imagination, we develop unique ideas for corporations that like us are tired of the same in the market. Your work is guaranteed to be unique.

Garden Sculpture

We decorate open spaces such as receptions, gardens, hallways in shopping centers, airports, hospitals and parks. Our products are ideal for recognition,  dedication and identification of areas. 

It's possible to develop ideas

common uses:  Hotels, Hospital, Corporations, Private Collections.......

The Studio

The greatest satisfaction is having the time to develop an idea. And the workshop is the essential part of that process. Having the necessary space and equipment will help us to meet the requirements of our projects.

No matter the size of the project we can help develop the idea and make it a reality. We include some photos in the development process of some projects.

The Latin Humpty Dumpty

Name:  Latin Humpty Dumpty
Fuse Glass / Metal Welding / LED Light
Media:  Glass / Metal
Size:      90" H X 40"W
Artist:    Daxel Lopez
Year: 2021


We include some photos of events that we have participated.