Custom Art Awards

An award given to a participant transcends its physical form—it symbolizes your organization's values and the meaningful connection you share with your audience. It serves as a lasting reminder of their experience and your commitment to excellence. Choosing a distinctive, thoughtful, and honorable award is pivotal in fostering a lasting relationship with your audience.

If you have an upcoming event and seek an award that encapsulates your organization's ethos and aspirations, my commissioned sculptural awards are the perfect choice.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, my high-quality sculptural awards are monumental, reflecting the core principles of your organization and the essence of the accolade being presented. Recipients of these unique awards will take home more than just a trophy; they will possess a symbol of your genuine appreciation, encapsulated within a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Exploring the interplay of symmetry, color, and form, my sculptural awards defy conventional norms. Infusing my unique artistic flair, I provide commissioned works that are meticulously tailored to resonate with the themes and ambiance of your event and organization.

Utilizing a diverse range of materials—including glass, metal, marble, wood, acrylic, and resin—I create exquisite pieces that transcend the traditional concept of an award.

Specializing primarily in glass, I harness the fluidity of this versatile medium to sculpt a harmonious blend of colors and shapes that convey deeper symbolism. Each award is crafted with meticulous precision, standing as a distinctive piece of art that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Prior to crafting each sculptural award, I delve deeply into the essence of the occasion, engaging in thoughtful dialogue to tailor a representation that encapsulates its significance. Drawing from my extensive experience and specialized expertise in studio artwork, I reimagine the conventional award through a fresh lens, blending innovative materials with conceptual creativity.

While I possess the capability to design a functional award, I also bring an artistic vision that allows me to experiment and breathe life into your unique concept. Given the freedom to explore materials in my distinctive style, I transform themes into captivating abstractions that resonate intuitively.

I take great pleasure in elevating the intrinsic beauty of recognition, crafting a tangible object that authentically symbolizes and honors its intended purpose.

Renowned for my distinctive sculptural awards, I have had the privilege of crafting custom pieces for a diverse array of events.

Some of my most notable commissioned awards include the "Milestone" for Stina D’uva’s 20th Anniversary, the "Don Quixote Award 2022," awards for the Mango Organization, the North Carolina Minority Woman Business Enterprise Awards, and the "Success Stories" award for Prospera US.

"Explore Our Portfolio: Visit Our Commissions Page for Past Projects or Reach Out for Custom Creations"

We specialize in Glass Casting, a distinct technique that sets it apart from Glass Blowing.

Unlike the hollow forms commonly associated with glass blowing, Glass Casting primarily produces solid pieces. This method allows for greater flexibility in dimensions and offers enhanced detail definition. By carefully selecting materials and colors, we create truly unique and bespoke pieces of art.

Visit our commissions page to explore a diverse range of our work. Each piece is unique, and its distinct characteristics—its DNA—reflect the essence of those it represents.

3 Definitions of Types of Glass Art:

  1. Glass Casting: A method where molten glass is poured into a mold to create solid, detailed, and dimensionally flexible pieces of art.

  2. Glass Blowing: An ancient technique where artists use a blowpipe to shape and form hollow glass objects, typically characterized by their fluid and organic forms.

  3. Fused Glass: A process that involves melting together multiple pieces of glass in a kiln to create flat or sculptural artworks, often distinguished by their layered and vibrant compositions.


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