Glass Polish Finish Explain and Options

Understand the Glass Cold Working Process

Cold working is a meticulous process involving the manual polishing of glass using a series of abrasive grits, progressing from coarse to fine. Each grit incrementally smooths the glass surface, preparing it for the final polishing stage.

Using specialized glass polishing equipment, skilled artisans can effectively remove a wide range of imperfections, such as scratches, mineral deposits, and spatter damage, restoring the glass to its optimal clarity and finish.

What is Standard Glass Finish like?

In glass fusing processes, fiber paper is used to separate the glass from the kiln shelf, imparting a unique finish to the fused glass artwork. This finish may exhibit a subtle texture while maintaining the glass's transparency, and some pieces may display a slight opacity. All glass pieces are polished on three sides to ensure a consistent and refined finish.

Refined Finish for Sculpture on the Back:

At Dax Art Studio, we take great pride in our commitment to craftsmanship, especially when it comes to the finishing touches on our sculptures. Our high polish finish on the backs of our glass sculptures is achieved through a meticulous process that ensures a pristine and transparent result.

Using glass grinding techniques performed on flat metal surfaces, we employ rotating wheels embedded with coarse particles to delicately remove material and achieve a smooth surface. This process is followed by sanding with diamond discs of varying grits, progressing to the polishing stage for a flawless finish.

For each 7 to 9-inch glass piece, our artisans utilize seven different discs over the course of 35 to 45 minutes per part, ensuring every detail is perfected. The result is a completely polished and transparent finish that enhances the beauty of our sculptures from every angle.

Our polished finish service is available for the backs of all sculptures, with pricing as follows:

  • Small pieces (up to 12 inches): $30
  • Large pieces (over 12 inches): $45
Experience the difference that our refined finish can make on your glass sculpture, adding an extra layer of sophistication and elegance to your artistic collection.

Sample of Standard Glass Finish

Sample of High Polish Finish

Video Sample of High Polish Finish

These videos show pieces with complete polishing service.... Front (standard) and back (optional service).

Cold Working Process in Pictures