The glass medium allows Dax the greatest depth of expression. Through melting glass, he is inspired by the harmonious relationship between flow and consistency within form and color working together. Dax creates evocative and delicate patterns in his work, his shapes take forms that reflect a continuous change within the fluctuating experience of human nature. Mirroring boldness and fragility, the organic qualities of his pieces capture this moment of beauty in essence of a constant flux of growth. Inspired by the malleability of glass, Dax dances within the process of becoming and being, finding possibilities in shifting perspectives through color, light, depth, and form. 

    These characteristics thrive through this process and in its final outcome, flourishing in the transparency of the glass medium. His style is distinct, and his ability to innovate and re-create his pieces stretches beyond the limits of traditional shapes and colors.


We work in harmony with designers, contractors and individuals for the development of projects in terms of architectural designs in glass and metal for the embellishment of public areas, buildings and offices. Embellish and decorate your home  or office uniquely. Encourage your  institution with crystal decorations  in the lobby's,  hallways, waiting rooms,  reception rooms and meeting rooms

common uses:  Hotels, Hospital, Corporations, Private Collections.....


Sculptures,  Murals, Awards, Architectural Designs,
Garden Sculpture, in Glass and Metals. 
Breaking barriers and creating beautiful pieces is our passion.


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