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13222 Rainbow Ln. Bldg #2
Clermont, FL 34715

Hours:  Monday - Friday 10 am - 4 pm 

Commissions Request

Description:  Describe your commission request subject matter, colors, size, media.  List any of my prior work that are close to what you like. Also attach any photos / blue print of the area for reference if available.  The commissioned will always be in my own artistic style.

Art Work: Once we agree on an idea, I will refine the image as a drawing or digitally, to get your approval.  I will also provide interim photos of the job as I work on it.

Production: Please allow for 4-5 weeks for me to complete a commission once approved. I have other jobs being developed.

Don't worry: We offer full service from the design to the installation.

Payment: 80% down and 20% when ready to ship. Please provide a budget you would like to work within, if you are not familiar with my originals pricing. Installation service are available we charge at soon we finish the installation.

Please indicate all the details of your project, all information is valuable for the development of the work.  Any blue print or additional information please send by email at


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