Cesar Chavez "Si se Puede" Award

The "Sí Se Puede" award is inspired by the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez, a renowned American labor leader and civil rights activist. The award is crafted as a glass sculpture, symbolizing the delicate yet resilient nature of Chavez's advocacy for the rights and dignity of farm workers.

Conceptual Explanation:

The "Sí Se Puede" award is a poignant and symbolic representation of cultivated fields, with its deep wine hue at the bottom evoking the richness and depth of the earth. The vibrant green upper part mimics growing fields, reflecting the life and hope that Cesar Chavez inspired.  In front of the central glass sculpture stands a small bust of Cesar Chavez, crafted in clear frost glass, lending an ethereal and delicate feel. This bust captures his essence with a warm and welcoming smile, contrasting with the solidity and clarity of the main glass.

The award is designed to be visually striking, with contrasting elements of bold resilience and gentle softness, reflecting the dual nature of the cause Chavez fought for. The glass sun-like piece suggests the shape of a circle but is cut open, representing the unsatisfied desires in human nature for purpose and what could be. Overall, the "Sí Se Puede" award is not just an artistic tribute to the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez but also a reflection of the struggle, determination, and hope that continue to inspire generations. It serves as a reminder of the power of community, unity, and the relentless pursuit of justice and equality.

Materials Used:

  1. Glass: The primary material for the award is glass, which is used to create the central sculpture. Glass is chosen for its transparency, allowing light to pass through and illuminate the intricate details of the design. The glass reflects the fragility and strength of the cause Chavez championed.

  2. Metal: The Latino Coalition logo, crafted in raised metal, is integrated into the base of the sculpture. Metal adds a sense of solidity and permanence to the award, symbolizing the enduring impact of Chavez's work.

  3. Resin: The semi-pyramidal resin base, painted in a metallic charcoal gray tone, provides a solid and modern foundation to the composition. Resin is chosen for its durability and ability to hold the weight of the glass sculpture securely.

  4. Golden Material: Personalization of the award is achieved through golden material with black lettering, highlighting the dedication and commitment of the piece to the cause it represents

Customer: San Benito County Latino Coalition
Name: Cesar Chavez "Si se Puede" Award
Place:   Hollister, California
Media: Glass / Resin
Artist: Daxel Lopez
Year: 2024